What we need

The Mongol Rally is going to cost us.  No doubt many things including our sanity and our ability ever again to be in the same room together :)

However!  There are ways in which _you_, dear reader, can help.  Obviously not with the sanity – our friends argue it’s a lost cause already – but in other ways.  Money, gear, in-kind stuff, etc.  Of course, you can _also_ help by donating to our charities!

So, herewith the list.  No doubt it will grow as more things occur to us.  Please feel free to add to it in the comments, too :)

Sponsors!  Whether you be organisational or personal, wanting to give us flights or just a few dollars – we love you!  And are very happy to be very effusive in that love, depending on how much you want to help out.  Just, y’know, saying :)

Cash (donate here)

This will go towards :

  • a CAR
  • flights, if we can’t get help with that (ouch)
  • bribes gifts to wonderful locals
  • fuel (which will cost at least US$2,000)
  • food/vodka/local craft or otherwise beer

Documenting it all

  • HD video camera – something small and sturdy
  • A satellite/GPS phone and, well, GPS system
  • A camera
  • Extra flash cards!
  • Other
    • A logo
    • Silly things to attach to the car
    • Anything that will help the Canadian with extreme heat, and the South African with extreme cold.  Since both are now all Kiwi-ised, also anything to help with very dry conditions (we’re used to the damp!)
    • Anything else you’d like to give us, or swap us for putting something of yours (a logo?) on the car


Other things what we are likely to need/break/lost/have stolen/fix/find/wrest back/preserve miraculously:


  • camping gear (maybe – Dane has some)
  • SERIOUS outdoor/adventure clothing
  • phrase books – aimee intends to learn the cyrillic alphabet, while Dane will learn to _speak_ it, but we will need help :)
  • MREs (emergency/camping meals if no local food is available)
  • SPOT GPS personal satellite messenger
  • satellite phone/modem
  • headlamps
  • lantern (LED rechargeable, not fuel)
  • Compass
  • Two-Way Radios
  • Solar Chargers
  • storm proof lighter
  • fire extinguishers
  • first aid kits
  • folding camp shovels
  • wet wipes
  • camp towels
  • biodegradable garbage bags


  • Haynes manual
  • jack
  • sockets set/spanners
  • other tool kits?
  • air compressor
  • a jerrycan or two
  • tow rope
  • as much WD40 and duct tape as possible

Car gear

  • air filters
  • SERIOUS tires
  • spare battery
  • sump guard
  • fire extinguisher
  • spark plugs
  • large lamps
  • bulbs and fuses
  • spare fan
  • sand tracks (the Gobi desert, yo)
  • roof rack and cage
  • tire inflator
  • fuel filters
  • motor oil
  • skid plates
  • car alarm?
  • safety triangle & vest (required in EU)
  • GB sticker (required in EU)
  • headlight beam converter for right hand drive car
  • spring assistors for shocks


Thanks to the teams whose equipment lists we’ve just, um, reproduced to some extent used for inspiration :)