The Team


aimee’s the founder/host of nerd nite Wellington – the only Southern Hemisphere chapter of this global phenomenon – as well as co-founder of Sciblogs, Retake the Net and NZSEED.  She is past admin of Sciblogs, and started what may be NZ’s first general science podcast – TOSP – with one of the other bloggers, Elf Eldridge (it has now passed on into new hands). Her general website is misc.ience.

She’s driven through desert flash floods with water levels into her engine block, and been chased by crazed truckers through the Gaza province of Mozambique.  She’s also survived Johannesburg (difficult), London (less difficult) and WWOOFing through various parts of New Zealand (actually quite pleasant).

She has a banjo that she looks at guiltily, too (no time to practise!)

And that’s only a taster.  She has things like a day job and other involvements :)


As for Dane ‘Finn’ Foster, he describes himself thusly:

“I’m an ex-rally freak, motorcycle fiend, and engineer extraordinaire :) My day job is as a sysadmin, and I was recently responsible for building cbdfree.  My night job? Mad scientist.”

He doesn’t talk as much as aimee does, but he’s arguably far more useful at things :)  Further information about him:

  • he has a penchant for growing amazing facial hair
  • he once owned one of the legendary Honda NC35 Race Replica Bikes and still mourns the day it went away (it was his favouritest bike ever of all the ones he’s owned/owns). Currently, he has things like a Ducati, of which he’s very fond