Thanks to all those who’ve helped us so far :) Click on the logos to be taken to our sponsors’ websites.


Face Limited logo


Thanks to Face Limited, our major sponsor!! Look out for them on our car :) More about them here.



Thanks to Greg and everyone else for the awesome gear!!


Thanks to Chris and Selk’Bag New Zealand for their donation, and the discount on aimee’s awesome Selk’Bag!


Thanks to Cass and the ladies for the fantastic hairstyles!



Dean Pemberton Photography

Thanks to Dean for the donation of a GoPro HD Hero ! It’ll capture the shenanigans in full HD for all the share in.



Thanks to Helen for the advice!


We’re still looking for sponsors, though – your logo and shoutouts will go here, and our top sponsors will get placement on our home page.

You can ALSO brand not only us (apparel, hair, even tattoos!), but our car. ┬áSo far, we have oodles of space on it – the picture below should give you an idea of what’s available :)

LAF car photos with logo notation

The Lemur Attack Force Transport Vehicle. Available for YOUR logo(s) :)


And if you’re curious about what she might look like, all logoed up and adventuring – well, check it out!

suzuki jimny river crossing - mongol rally

A Jimny forging ahead. Courtesy of the guys at going slowly, http://journal.goingslowly.com/topic/mongol+rally/2010/09/obstacles/