Our first Major Sponsor: Face Limited

Last week, we received some of the most joyful news yet. We have a Sponsor.

We’ve had a number of people be awesome to us in terms of haircuts (wait ’til the pikkies go up of aimee’s latest one), cameras, aimee’s selk’bag and advice*, but this one is huge. This one is Real MoneyTM. We almost wet our britches with joy.

Gerard Creamer, owner and Chief Goat Herder**, decided that Face Limited wanted to throw some money at us. So they did. Which means they get to put beeeg stickers on our car, and we get to love them for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.


Face Limited logo

When asked why on earth Gerard would do something like this (we’ve approached somewhere around a hundred organisations, and nothing), his response was:

We are sponsoring because you’re doing something slightly random and we think it’s important to encourage people to be a bit crazy from time to time. It makes up for the fact that we’re sitting behind our desks staring at our computer screens while determinedly not doing anything crazy or impulsive.

Quite. And indeed. Further: yea, verily :)

Face Limited describe themselves as ‘clever web people’, and are a Wellington-based web shop offering website planning, website design, website development and website hosting services.

Thank you, Gerard and co. You’re pure awesome :)


Think you’d like to sponsor us, or donate? Get in touch! We offer extremely reasonable sponsorship rates and as for donations, well…every bit counts :)


* Check out all our sponsors on our Sponsors page! http://lemurattackforce.co.nz/sponsors/

** Honest. That’s what his LinkedIn profile says

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