Mongolia’s nomads – incredible photographs

A young nomad herds his animals by motorcycle after an early spring snowstorm. Mongolian herders adopt technology quickly and it is not uncommon to see trucks and motorcycles replacing work animals. (Taylor Weidman/The Vanishing Cultures Project)

We interrupt our usual programming (we SWEAR we’re gonna finish up soon) with these fantastic photos taken of Mongolia’s nomads, and a way of live that’s vanishing.

We found the photos through the incredible The Big Picture site.

Having seen how people live in Ulaanbataar, I’ll agree that I’m appalled at the quality of life for those urbanising. However, I don’t think it’s terrible because people are losing skills which they no longer need (or they’d stay in the steppes) – no, the conditions are appalling in and of themselves.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post about Mongolia, and our timelapse vid of it (WITH awesome soundtrack!)



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