Mongol Rally in Numbers


As provided by The Adventurists themselves.

From its humble beginnings1, the Mongol Rally is now a worldwide boredom fighting machine with over 1,000 intrepid fellows setting off for lands afar every year.

Our Head of the Department of Statistics, Combobulations, Whatwhats and Whatnots has been hard at work and has come up with some incredibly accurate2 Mongol Rally tit-bits to entertain your lobes this day. They cover all the rallies from 2004 to 2010 where we have the data. The oldest person to ever complete the rally, the Mongol Rally land speed record and the total money raised for charity are all answered in the graphic [above].

1 The Mongol Rally started out as one rubbish Fiat 126 in 2001 and Mr. Tom spending most of his time waltzing around a cupboard in his paisley pants with a phone surgically attached to his face.
2 We might possibly have educatedly guessed, or just guessed a couple of the results… but the goats testicles is definitely correct.

Which number would you like us to beat?  And how much would you give us? :P

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