Wanna donate? We need it in order to compete, so hit the button/links below.  Note – you can donate in three different ways – to us directly, to our New Zealand charities, or to our Mongolian Charity*!

Thank you, everyone!  We have now stopped taking donations, but would like to thank every single one of you – you’re awesome :)


The Team

You can donate in two ways.  The first is via by direct bank transfer:
Account 38-9009-0581789-01
A M Whitcroft

If you’re not in NZ, instructions for how to send us money are here. Give us a shout if you have any problems!!

The second route is via PayPal (remember, though, they charge fees :))



New Zealand charities

We need to raise a _mimimum_ of 500 GBP in order to take part in the Rally, but are hoping to raise a lot more!

  • Women’s Refuge Wellington
  • SPCA
  • Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal

You can donate to them at – please give generously!


Mongolian Charity

The official Mongol Rally 2012 charity is the Lotus Childrens Centre Charitable Trust – we need to donate a minimum of 500 GBP to do the Rally.  You can donate here



Got spare computer bits?  Got spare _time_ and know how to _work_ computers?

You can help :)  Have a look at the Open Communities project, being set up now :)

In fact, have a look at Retake the Net as a whole, and see if you can help!  The more bodies, the better :)


* If we’re unable to raise a sufficient amount of cash, aimee is going to have to start selling space on her backside**, for the tattooing of logos.  At the price she’s selling the space, _company_ logos.  So please, please do be generous.

** And Dane, possibly too, in a package deal.