Best continent ever

Lemuuuuria, Lemuuuuria, hark how the lemurs siiiiinnnnnggggg!

Yes.  There really, truly is a place called Lemuria.

Well, in the same way as there’s a place called Atlantis.

Map of Lemuria superimposed over the modern continents from Scott-Elliott's The Story of Atlantis (1896) and Lost Lemuria.

Apparently, Lemuria is an ancient, lost (sunken) continent which has, variously, been located in either the Indian or the Pacific ocean.  The hypothesis of/belief in its existence was displaced (hur hur) by the theory of plate tectonics, however, leaving lemur lovers lost.

Well, sorta.  Apparently it’s still written about by some occult writers, as well as some Tamil writers in India.  If you’ve ever heard of Mu: same place.

More about it here! And here!  The first is factual, the second is…rather less so.  Ahem.

Final note

Excellently, New Zealand itself is part of a sunken content, called Zealandia**.  Awesome!


One wonders whether the namers of the popular wildlife sanctuary in Wellington knew about this before naming their attraction

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