Sometime in July 2011, aimee whitcroft and Dane Foster decided to do the ‘has their friends raising their eyebrows’ charity fundraising drive of pure horror adventure known as the Mongol Rally 2012.

Latest post: Final post – Mongolia Timelapse

The idea is for a few hundred batshit insane courageous and open-minded people from around the world to attempt to get their very small cars or motorcycles from the UK to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. There’s no route, a fact surpassed only by the fact that there’s no support, either. Since its inception some 8 years ago, the Rally has raised almost 2 million British Pounds and has certainly made the world a little less boring (a stated aim of The Adventurists, the Rally’s organisers).

And so these two mad lemurs – for Lemur Attack Force is their team name – have decided to up and leave their adopted country of New Zealand, in July 2012, and venture across a third or so of the earth’s circumference (much of it Russia) in a 1.3l Suzuki Jimny. For charity. And science.

And because they have a weak survival instinct, and impulse control issues

Our NZ charities are Women’s Refuge Wellington, the SPCA and the New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal. Our Mongolian charity is the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust.

We have now completed the Rally, but keep an eye out as we post our stories and photos from the Rally!

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Facebook: Lemur Attack Force

 Incredible image courtesy of The Adventurists.